Best Gaming Mouse Under 2000

5 Best Gaming Mouse Under 2000

Gaming mouses improve the overall gaming experience with their higher sensitivity when compared to a standard mouse.  

They include spare buttons that can be programmed and set for specific action as per user requirements such as DPI etc. 

A beginner level gaming mouse houses a max DPI of around 2000, and it goes up to 12000 DPI in higher-end variants. 

It is difficult to choose the best gaming mouse in India under 2000 as you can find thousands of gaming mouse brands, but all of them are not worth it.  

Taking a few things into consideration, I have made a list of best cheap gaming mouses in India. 

Here, I present to you the list of five best gaming mouse under 2000. You can select any mouse as per your requirements. 

Best Budget Gaming Mouse under Rs.2000 in India

Logitech G102

Best gaming mouse under 2000. Logitech G102

The G102 is a wired gaming mouse presented by Logitech, which can be utilized by a left-handed and right-handed user.

Premium and quality components have been used by Logitech to build the model.

Polytetrafluoroethylene is used to manufacture the feet of the mouse and offer zero friction to the surface in contact.

The mouse comes with the illuminated logo with sharp curves and lines, giving it a gaming flair.

The mouse has six programmable buttons that can be configured for specific use easily using Logitech configuration software. 

It consists of 240 – 6000 DPI count, making it highly responsive than its rivals. 

You can change DPI using software with a click of a button.

The Logitech claims its polling rate of 1ms, meaning the response time required for the execution of the command is almost instantaneous. 

It is the best mice for gaming and professional projects like graphics designing.


  • On the fly DPI adjusting
  • Six programmable buttons
  • 2-year standard warranty
  • 6000 DPI
  • 1ms polling rate
  • Space-age design


  • Lack of laser sensor

Redgear Z2 Pro

Best gaming mouse under 2000. Redgear Z2 Pro

Redgear is a famous brand for offering the best cheap gaming mouse with an impressive line-up of products like headphones and computer accessories.

The Z2 Pro is a premium model with high-quality ABS plastic along with soft-touch padding on the top surface. 

The contoured body fits right inside the palm and doesn’t distract while playing.

The Redgear Z2 features a maximum DPI of 12000, premium features for this segment, which helps to navigate the cursor on the screen with more accuracy.

The mouse comes with RGB lighting, which can be customized by the user according to the environment.

The device comes with eight buttons that can be programmed based on the game actions, and the user can save these settings with profile saving mode.


  • Good hand grip.
  • Superior build quality.
  • Five preset gaming modes.
  • 12000 DPI
  • 1-year brand warranty
  • Wired usage


  • Drivers installation needs to be done using a CD, which makes it pretty outdated as most of the Laptops nowadays don’t come with a CD-drive. 

Red Dragon Invader M719

Best gaming mouse under 2000. Red Dragon Invader.

Red Dragon is a well known US-based gaming accessories producer specializing in keyboards and mice.

The Invader M719 is one of the best cheap gaming mice for FPS available in the market with a price tag under Rs.2000 compatible for both Windows and Mac.

The mouse comes with gentle curves for a firm and comfortable grip. The switches are built with high-quality material and offer an outstanding response when pressed.

The wire is strong, durable, and can easily resist abuse without disappointment.

The mouse comes with a five-step dpi setting from 500 to 5000 and even 10000 via software.

With the high polling rate, it offers excellent feedback making it an idol choice for graphics designing.

The mouse offers eight programmable buttons for enhanced gaming response with no delay.

The device even features seven different RGB lighting options, which can be customized using a tuning software.


  • Long-lasting build quality
  • excellent in-hand feel
  • Windows and Mac OS compatible
  • 1-year brand warranty
  • 10000 DPI adjustable
  • Wired Mouse


  • Slips when used with wet hands.

HP Omen X9000

Best Gaming Mouse under 2000. HP Omen X9000

HP is one of the best-trusted brands for Indians in the laptop and desktop segment. 

It manufactures some of the best mice and keyboards for gaming in India and even pen drives.

Its color scheme, black and red, correctly features its gaming flare look and design.

HP uses high-quality material for the construction, and grippy texture helps in better handling.

The connecting wire is sturdy and durable.

The mouse features laser tracing for superior results, and its DPI can be adjusted from 400 to 8200 DPI according to individual needs.

It comes with six programmable buttons, and they are customizable according to your personalized needs.

The device comes with LED lights but non-customizable. The device is also covered with the 1-year brand warranty to cover any misfortune.


  • Strong and durable cable
  • Superior build quality
  • 5000 DPI
  • Wired Mouse
  • Acceptable hand grip


  • Non-customizable RGB lightning

Razer Abyssus Essential

Best Gaming Mouse under 2000. Razer Abyssus Essential

Razer is a US-based gaming hardware producing brand that manufactures the best value for money gaming mice and other accessories.

The Abyssus Essential ergonomic design makes the mouse fit perfectly in the palm offering superb grip while holding.

It equips two programmable buttons that provide a great response on


Although it offers only 7200 DPI, the optical sensor improves the sensing quality, and it is at par with the rivals offering higher DPI.

The Razer boasts of its 1000Hz polling rate to ensure no delay response to the action.

It comes with a moused pad that offers almost frictionless gliding of the mouse and

A 2.1m tangle-free long wire that has four programmable buttons comes with the mouse, and you can configure the buttons using Razer software. 

The LED light effect is also customizable to enhance the setup. The Razer logo lightning effect adds to the gaming ambiance and its overall design.


  • Lightning effect.  
  • 2-year warranty
  • Wired mouse    
  • Robust material quality


  • No multi-color lightning


I hope the list helps you select the best gaming mouse under 2000 to fulfill all your needs and enhances your gaming skills to succeed. If you are still trying to figure out which mouse to purchase and need help, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can help you in making the decision. 

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