Best Gaming Keyboard under 2000

5 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 2000

Keyboard, the main component of the desktop or laptop, determines the ease with which the system can use, and in the case of the gaming, if used correctly, it could make the difference between the winning and failure. 

Today most of the gaming keyboards come with mechanical keys that are well-spaced with shape to fit your hands perfectly instead of older membrane keyboards.

Selecting perfect for your needs can be a hassle, so today, we are presenting you best gaming keyboard under 2000 to suit your need and fit in your budget.

Best budget gaming keyboard in India

Logitech K230 Wireless

Best Gaming Keyboard under 2000. Logitech K230 Wireless

Logitech is a famous brand name in India. They are well known for their budget computer products and headphones. 

With K230 line up, the brand has been able to establish its name in one of the best budget gaming keyboards in the country’s market.

The keyboard comes with a 35% smaller form factor in design. The intelligent designing provides decent spacing between the keys to bring you the most exciting experience while playing. 

 It is virtually bezel-less on the right side of the laptop. It is one of the best wireless keyboards, which is excellent in response. 


  • Num pad Stable wireless
  • Comes with 3-year hardware warranty Media controls        
  • Up to 2 years of battery life minimal noise


The keyboard uses 2.4GHz wireless technology to connect with the wireless receiver. 

The connection remains stable and responsive without any connection drops. 

The transmission between the receiver and the keyboard is protected by a 128-bit AES security protocol to prevent any malicious attack.


The only drawback with the best ranking keyboard in price under 2000 is the small arrows keys, hard to find when in a hurry.

Two AAA batteries power it. The package doesn’t contain it, and you should buy them separately.

Targus KB55

Best Gaming Keyboard under 2000. Targus KB55

Targus has introduced the best mechanical gaming keyboard under 2000 in the market. 

KB55 is an ultrathin compact product making it super light in weight and portable to enhance your gaming experience. 

It possesses a negligible thickness of 6mm with a horizontal length of 297mm.

The key gives a soft feel to touch and holds an angled scissor construction mechanism inside. 

The critical travel distance is a bit less but acceptable. 

Additionally, you can use it with a stand at a more comfortable angle.


  • Media Controls ultrathin form factor.
  • Battery life indicator universal compatibility  
  • Comes with 3-year warranty wireless Bluetooth v3.0 connection


The keyboard’s power source is the two AAA batteries, and they can easily keep it running efficiently for over ten months without the need for swapping.

This lightweight and cheap mechanical keyboard are compact and super easy to carry in a backpack. 

This can be paired even with your smartphone and tablet, making it suitable for frequent travelers. This is one of the best keyboards for traveling. 


The keyboard doesn’t have a backlighting system and a num pad.

Circle Battle pro

Best Gaming Keyboard under 2000. Circle Battle pro keyboard

Circle Battle pro is one of the best gaming keyboards under 2000 in India with 19 Anti-Ghosting and 11 multimedia keys. 

It consists of Semi-mechanical keys with variable keycaps height for better gaming feel along with separate windows lock key.

 It is waterproof with seven colors LED backlight to match your system entirely. 

It features beautiful S mold ergonomic design and high-quality protection material. This keyboard passed more than 30 stringent reliability tests.


  • Operating voltage 5.5V USB Port
  • Independent windows lock 1-year standard warranty


Excellent waterproofing at this price. The keyboard features some of the best RGB keys with customization options. Varying keycaps height aids gamer while playing.


The only flaw in the product is the build quality; it is just satisfactory.

Dell Km117 Wireless Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboard under 2000. Dell  Km117 Wireless Keyboard

Dell offers some of the premier quality laptops, along with accessories. 

They bring the best budget gaming keyboards with brand reliability. 

The design of the Km117 is simple without any company’s intention to give it a modular or attractive look though the keyboard looks very pleasant.

The keys are built-in chiclet-style with even placing and moderate key distance travel.

The product offers exceptional response & sublime feel, and the entire plastic construction feels significantly durable and study. 

The media buttons are marked with different colors, especially to make them easily locatable, and the keys don’t produce any creeks when operating.


  • Robust build quality 1-year Replacement warranty
  • Reliable device media control keys


The one-year replacement warranty with the keyboard makes it a step up ahead than its rivals brand. 

The keys are quiet when pressed, so they don’t disturb you while listening to your music and typing.

Cons: The keyboard doesn’t support multi-key presses.

Zebronics Transformer

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 2000. Zebronics  Trasformer

Zebronics delivers budget computer accessories, including some of the best mechanical keyboards under 2000 in India. 

With its masculine, sharp look, Zebronics Transformer is carved out of lightweight aluminum, giving it a premium feel and fabulous structure rigidity. 

The keyboard is super responsive and will help you in gameplay. 

This model comes with 5 LED combinations and four-step lightning control.

The manual can bind multiple keys at once and aids in performing the intended function in the gameplay. 

It can support any OS and will automatically start working without any issues.


  • Comfortable and precise keys 1-year standard warranty
  • 2-step height-adjustable stand Backlight LED option
  • Media controls number pad


This keyboard comes with an anti-ghosting feature with a sturdy and durable case. 

The braided nylon wire fitted with the product is robust & reliable and could withstand mishandling without hampering its usability. 

The model comes with play and plays capability meaning you can use it without installing any additional drivers on your system.


The only drawback it holds is its bulkiness and heavy feel.


This list includes some of the best gaming keyboards offered in the price line up of rupees 1000 – 2000 and hope it helps in choosing the best mechanical keyboard which perfectly suits your necessities and helps you succeed in gaming. If you are still facing issues with selecting the best budget keyboard, you can reach out to me, and I can help you figure it out.

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