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Welcome To GadgetKracker


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

I’m Premsai, and I’m a gadget freak and avid gamer. 

It’s always been my dream to start a blog.

Here, I provide unbiased reviews of gadgets that you can buy as per your requirements.

I do careful research about every product that I post on this website.

I wouldn’t suggest you a gadget that I don’t use.

I repeat that the reviews that I provide on this website are entirely Unbiased.

All the information that I provide on this blog is entirely free. You need not pay a dime. 

I never advise you to buy a particular product. I just provide the pros and cons of products so that you can make your decision. 

We regularly follow the latest updates from tech companies. We will provide you the latest information about products as soon as they are out. 

If you want to stay updated with the newly changing tech, you can just follow our blog, and we will keep you updated. 

Why am I starting this blog?

It was a casual day in the office, and all my colleagues are discussing the latest gadgets. 

I overheard the conversation, and I joined them. 

While I was discussing with my peers, I realized I had much knowledge than the rest.

All my friends and colleagues started to ask for my suggestions before they buy a mobile or any other tech product. 

 I use to give suggestions based on my knowledge. 

One of my friends who happened to be a blogger told me to start writing about gadget reviews. 

At first, I thought it was funny. 

Then I thought about this for a few days and finally convinced my self to start a blog on this. 

I, along with a few of my friends, decided to give 100% to this project. 

What do I get from doing this?

Although the information which I provide you is for free, I include my affiliate links for each product I review. It doesn’t change my opinion on the product. 

I will not promote a product just for the sake of money. 

We will provide genuine heartfelt reviews of the product, and they will never be biased. 

If you click on my affiliate link and make a purchase, I make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

I will never compromise the quality of the information that I provide on this blog. 

If you feel any of my reviews are biased, you can contact me, and we can have a discussion. I’ll attach my email address at the end of this page. 

You can follow us on our social media handles to stay updated on the new information that we provide on our website. 

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If you have any other queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We also accept guest posts. If you are someone who’d like to write about tech, you can check with us, and we will let you know, depending on the nature of the idea of your article. 

Our email address: [email protected] 


Premsai, Gadgetkracker.com

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